Cultists and Corpses

A search for survivors
Campaign blog

The party has been hired by Jorwahl Menx to investigate Gray Stone Mine and find out what has happened to the mine since there have been no shipments in over a week. The PC’s left Briggs Town and entered the wilderness of the north. The two day journey to the mine was fairly uneventful. The barbarian Vore noted the lack of wildlife was “unusual”.

Upon reaching the mine the party finds complete destruction awaiting them. Outside the mine they find dismembered corpses stacked in piles around the entrance to the mine. Once again Vore notes that there have been no scavengers around the bodies. After entering the mine they find more corpses of the miners. After the rogue begins investigating the body it reaches up and grabs him as the four other bodies in the room reanimate and attack the party. After the zombies have been dispatched the party moves on to the living area in the mine.

Here they find a broken and smashed barricade consisting of tables and chairs and other furniture. More bodies are in this area but the party takes no chances and decapitates all of the bodies. Lurking in the shadows a ghoul pounces on the druid and nearly slays him before the barbarian and the rogue can kill it.

The party decides to hold out in the room and rest. During the night the party sees something moving at the edge of the firelight but it comes no closer.

Making their way to the foreman’s quarters they find his door locked and barred. It is obvious that something has been trying to get in but has proved unsuccessful. The rogue is able to pick the lock and together they are able to force the door open. Inside they find that the foreman has killed himself. They find the foreman’s log which proves to be disappointingly unhelpful.

Moving even deeper in the mine they find some kind of ritual being performed by three hooded figures. The trio of figures became alerted to the presence of the party and sent their undead minions to attack the party. The party wisely decided to retreat to a better defensive location. Here they managed to fight of all of the zombies but upon returning to the ritual room they find the mysterious hooded figures gone.

In the room the party finds numerous runes and circles made out of ash on the floor as well as an empty stone slab. What ever was on the slab had only been recently moved. The superstitious barbarian Vore made sure to destroy all of the circles before they left. But as they were leaving the party came under attack from a strange ghoul with unknown markings and runes carved into its flesh. It was far more powerful then any of the undead they had encountered thus far and grappled onto the rogue and nearly mauled him to death. The barbarian managed to pry the creature off of the rogue but it then turned all of its aggression toward him. The ghoul then leaped upon the barbarian and began biting at his neck. Vore was almost incapacitated when the heavily wounded rogue slammed his dagger deep into the back of the ghoul putting it down for good.

The druid was unable to fully heal the festering bite on Vores neck and they decided that they needed to get back to civilization to cure it as quickly as possible. On the trip back however Vore became delusional and flew into an uncontrollable rage and mercilessly slaughtered the rest of the party. But on the horizon someone was watching…


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